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Visitor Management

Visitor Management software provides an additional layer of security by monitoring school site visitors, running real-time background checks and/or checking identification documents.



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Entry SIgn

The easy, simple and smart solution for managing your visitors. Designed for and installed in small to large organisations across the UK and worldwide.
Envoy Vistor Management

Welcome guests with the beautifully simple visitor management system that safeguards your workplace and supercharges your front desk. See exactly who's visiting, when, and why. Know instantly if a visitor doesn’t meet your criteria for entry, and promote a healthy workplace with a touchless sign-in and document verification.


Hall Pass Visitor Management protects students and school staff members from the risks of unwanted visitors or child predators gaining access to campus and other school events.  Hall Pass instantly compares school visitor identification data against our integrated, comprehensive database of sex offender registries for every state and the District of Columbia. When a known sex offender is detected, Hall Pass sends instantaneous alerts preventing access for these predators.


KeepnTrack is a visitor management software that gives administrators the ability to effectively monitor visitor traffic through your school on any given day. Our automated sign-in process makes recording visitor data simple and instant sex offender checks means you can stop danger in its tracks. 

Lobby Track

With Jolly's school visitor management solution, Lobby Track, performing this task is simple, safe, and secure. Registering a new visitor is quick and easy, even taking advantage of drivers license scanners to pull key information into your system for you. This reduces human error and verifies that the person standing in front of you is who they say they are. Lobby Track accurately track school visitors, and, by partnering with 3rd party software, discreetly performs online criminal database checks, including sex offender checks, informing the user and security if a disreputable person attempts to enter the premises.


Installing LobbyGuard school visitor management in your school sends a message to all visitors that safety is a top priority. LobbyGuard school security systems are simple yet powerful solutions that streamline the visitor sign-in process. Track everyone who enters your campus and stop any threats at the door. LobbyGuard’s system will make it easy for you to track sign in time, sign out time, reason for visit, who was visited, and much more.

Raptor Visitor Management

Over 35,000 K-12 schools trust Raptor to screen and track their campus visitors, contractors, and volunteers.
Safe Schools Campus Management

SafeSchools Campus Management was designed to regulate and manage outside visitors to the campus facilities and grounds. Visitors are logged in, their background verified, and they are provided with valid and time sensitive credentials for meetings or conferences. Parents can also create approved guests to visit and check students in and out of school. Types of visitors include: campus district personnel, parents, legal guardians, volunteers, vendors, delivery personnel, sports recruiters, specialty program performers and many others.

School Checkin

School Check IN Enterprise Edition allows your schools to set up a simple and easy to use check in & check out procedure for volunteers, visitors, students, faculty, staff and substitutes on multiple check in and out stations. 

School Check IN helps reduces costs by utilizing your Schools existing computer equipment and eliminating costly Kiosks and Stations.


The School Gate Guardian software quickly scans and processes your visitors state issued ID. Our software date and time stamps every visit. The system archives all the details of the visit, including date and time, photograph of the visitor, who they are there to see, and what their destination is in the school. If the image that is retrieved from the state issued photo ID does not clearly represent the current appearance of your visitor a Webcam can be used to quickly capture a current image. Easily logout the visitor when they leave.

Verkada Guest

Verkada Guest is a visitor management system that simplifies check–in while strengthening security. With features like touchless check–in, customized guest flows, document signing and an intuitive interface, visitor management has never been easier. And because it’s built within the Verkada Command platform, visitor management is now more secure. Guest enables organizations to manage the entire visitor experience – from check-in to check–out. This allows organizations to take advantage of the pre-built video and access control integrations – whether it’s reviewing video of visitor activity or remotely unlocking doors for specific guests.

School security and visitor management is more complex today than ever before. That’s why schools and districts throughout the country use our market-leading solution to streamline and simplify visitor management, saving valuable time, but more importantly, to make their institutions even safer places to work and learn. By giving you a simple yet powerful way to screen, track and manage visitors, we can help stop threats at the door and keep every single person inside your schools safe. 
12 results - showing 1 - 12