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Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems combine elements of several other major systems (e.g. SIS, LMS, Assessment) into a single, cohesive system.



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eduCLIMBER is a unique cloud-based data system created for educators by educators. More than a warehouse or RtI add-on, we’ve created a solution for you to continuously improve student outcomes. Making data analysis more efficient and accurate, our users are able to maximize their time to focus on what’s important-teaching and helping students. Schools are quickly seeing the value of using eduCLIMBER to manage both academic and behavioral data in one system. This helps them identify and create a continuum of multiple supports for all students. Our application supports best practices with focus on creating sustainable and successful systems change through effective data-based decision making and identifying professional development needs.

Midas Education
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Midas Education may be the K-12 world's first "District Management System."  A truly all-in-one package, the main components include a student information system, a learning management system, teacher professional development courses and management, website content management, data analytics, and full state and federal compliance reporting.  The product has most of it's traction outside of California right now, but is quickly making in-roads into the state.

How is Otus different than [insert any edtech tool]? | Otus
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Otus doesn’t fit into a box. It’s not just a Learning Management System, it’s not just an Assessment Management System, it’s not just a Data Management System, and it’s not just a collection of Classroom Management tools. Throw these types of systems up into the air, and have them magically land into a single, organized system that creates massive teacher efficiencies and unparalleled access to learning data and then you’ll have Otus. However, each school system has unique needs so Otus can be used as a single solution for Data Management, Assessment Management, and Classroom and Learning Management. 

3 results - showing 1 - 3