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College & Career Planning

This category of systems refers to any web-based software-as-a-service platform that provides students with a variety of ways to track their progress towards graduation and/or manage the college application process. Tools might include college research and matching tools, course planning, career assessment and personality tests, and surveys to help students connect what they are doing in school to what they would like to do once they complete their education. Some systems also provide additional functionality to school counselors to track the progress of individual students, communicate and collaborate with students and families, or create reports on their entire student population.

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California's official source for college and career planning,, is a one-stop informational resource for students considering their post-secondary options.

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Gradsnapp is a tool that allows the administration and the students track their progress through entry into college until graduation. Customizable surveys gives insight into risk factors for students & allows to advocate for themselves by tracking their progress and entering in their own information that can allow advisors to focus on supporting them rather than collecting new data.  
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Naviance is a comprehensive K-12 college and career readiness solution that helps districts and schools align student strengths and interests to postsecondary goals, improving student outcomes and connecting learning to life.

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Turning credentials into opportunities, Parchment’s Digital Credentials Service seamlessly connects learners to institutions to send certified PDF (or data!) transcripts directly to any destination world wide. Over 8,000 education institutions trust Parchment to help you turn your transcripts, diplomas or certificates into opportunities. Parchment is a simple way to manage all of your student’s transcript orders electronically or by mail. Since 2003, their platform has helped millions of people and thousands of schools and universities exchange more than 20 million transcripts and other credentials globally. 
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Spotlight's College and Career Readiness Guide ("CCRG") is a personalized source of information that converts student data into a series of infographics laying out a student's post-graduation trajectory, as well as the specific steps they can take to reach for a higher level of postsecondary aspiration.  The CCRG draws data from any student information system, as well as assessment results (PSAT/SAT, ACT, or even CAASPP) and any career interest survey. Spotlight's proprietary software then converts this data into personalized reports -- one for every year, as well as a home-language copy for parents. Spotlight has thus far produced parent versions in English, Spanish, Hmong, Khmer, Vietnamese, Mandarin Chinese, and Arabic. CCRG reports may be delivered as printed PDFs, but also can be securely emailed, texted (PDF links) or placed in a student or parent portal.
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SpringBoard is a different kind of instructional program for grades 6–12. Developed by teachers for teachers, SpringBoard offers core instructional materials in print and digital that are fully aligned to state standards, Advanced Placement (AP) coursework, and the SAT Suite of Assessments. The program features student materials, teacher resources, and formative and summative assessments, as well as professional learning for teachers and administrators. 

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