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Product Details

KeepnTrack is a visitor management software that gives administrators the ability to effectively monitor visitor traffic through your school on any given day. Our automated sign-in process makes recording visitor data simple and instant sex offender checks means you can stop danger in its tracks.

Our visitor management system ensures the safety of your students and staff members by eliminating the guesswork of front office security. Office administrators use KeepnTrack to sign visitors in and sign them out–so you always know who is roaming your hallways.

Frequent visitors to your facility–such as parents, volunteers, and vendors–will love the convenience of signing in at KeepnTrack’s self-service kiosk. With just a quick scan of their driver’s license, a name-badge is printed and they are on their way.

Screen Visitors
Improve security by filtering out potential threats before they gain access to your facility.

Quickly Identify
Color-coded badges help you easily identify who a visitor is, and their purpose on campus.

Track in Real Time
In case of unplanned situations, quickly locate every single person type on campus.

Send + Receive Alerts
Get notifications when guests arrive, if threats arise, or simply when updates occur.

Capture Photos
Conveniently capture and store visitors' images as an added security measure.

This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

School Districts in California that use KeepNTrack*

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