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Special Education / IEP

A broad category of software systems designed to assist teachers and administrators in the correct identification and support of students with special needs. Types include IEP builders, assistive technology, etc.

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BeyondSST is a web-based SST data management tool designed to facilitate and streamline the SST process. BeyondSST provides a solution for many of the challenges that schools often experience with Student Success Team meetings, including struggles with disproportionality, inconsistencies with procedures, difficulties with intervention planning and much more. 


The e-IEP PRO Special Education Student Management System, developed by MediaNet Solutions, Inc., is a customizable, web-based software that simplifies the management of the special education process.


SEIS provides centralized online management of IEPs and Special Education records.  Teachers and Service Providers can edit IEP forms at any time, from any device with Internet access. The IEP forms are pre-populated with information from the SEIS Student Record, eliminating repetitive data entry. SEIS has a built-in CASEMIS error check utility which can be used at any time. This error check also runs automatically during the IEP Affirm/Attest process so that CASEMIS errors are found and corrected as part of the IEP process.

Siras Systems

SIRAS Systems has been creating IEP systems for the past 20 years and is currently the 2nd most used IEP/CASEMIS system used in California. SIRAS is a comprehensive web based program that provides online management of IEPs and CASEMIS data for special education student. Its simple user interface design offers a list of powerful features that assist users in being more efficient and organized ultimately benefiting special needs students.

Synergy SE (Special Education)

Synergy Special Education (SE) simplifies the entire special education management process, guiding team members step by step from initial referral through program exit in a collaborative environment that promotes student success. Synergy SE is more than an IEP writer, providing district-level oversight to help ensure that federal and state regulations are being met. And, because Synergy SE uses the centralized database shared seamlessly throughout Synergy Education Platform, data is accurate and consistent in real time without integrating or synchronizing with other systems.


Welligent is a District-wide web-based software system used for online IEPs and tracking of related services (such as speech and language, physical therapy, vision and hearing screenings, nursing services, etc.) provided to students during the course of their education. Welligent allows administrators to monitor IEP timelines and service delivery, and generate reports to ensure compliance with special education laws and regulations. Welligent is also a behind-the-scenes billing system that electronically invoices Medi-Cal and other insurance companies to seek reimbursement for services delivered to students.
6 results - showing 1 - 6