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Health Management

Health Management Systems are comprehensive records management system, either electronic or paper-based, for student health and safety information.

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CareDox (Now SchoolCare)

Product Details

CareDox is a New York company founded in 2014 that offers a free digital health record tracking system for students in K-12 schools. Their mission is “to provide a unified health record and to enable school health programs to run more efficiently and safely.” The service itself is free to public schools due to the fact that CareDox is completely subsidized by pediatric partners who have agreed to fully underwrite the cost of each school’s installation, SIS integration and configuration, and on-going training and support.

Eight years under the CareDox umbrella led to many observations about the infrastructure serving pediatric health. Our most valuable learning is that the K-12 public school system in our country presents the ideal foundation to support our mission. We have updated and focused our business model, product offering, team, and culture to help the K-12 public school system coordinate convenient, quality healthcare services for our children.

SchoolCare connects these two key elements in childrens’ health – school-based healthcare and state-funded clinical programs – where goals and incentives are aligned but coordination is lacking.
Close Gap

Product Details

Empowering schools to champion their students’ mental health.  Meet your students where they are with bite-sized mental health content and real-time support. With early and crisis intervention made simple, you’re free to authentically connect with your students and equipped with the data to effectively support them.


Product Details

EasyTrac is an integrated, web-based tool for documenting the delivery of Health services to students. It’s configured for compliance and hits all the marks when it comes to your scheduling, tracking, and documenting needs.


Product Details

The future of digital medical records is here: HealthOffice®Anywhere. This remarkable Cloud-based system gives you all the best features of HealthOffice Enterprise. But it also offers the flexibility to enter information, view individual records, look at trends and reports 24/7/365 – on a PC or Mac, laptop, tablet, iPad or even a Smart Phone - with an internet connection. All in a safe and secure manner.


Product Details

ImPACT Quick Test is a screening tool that can be administered on an iPad immediately following a suspected injury at the competition site, at the workplace, or at the point of care. ImPACT Quick Test was developed for professionals who make decisions on removal from activity: athletic trainers, physicians, neuropsychologists, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists​.


Product Details

The First Complete Online Concussion Test and Management Program for All Sports and Levels.

XLNTBrain LLC provides the first complete sports concussion management program for teams and individuals of all levels. Based in Maryland, XLNTBrain was formed after more than 25 years of studying the physiology of the brain and resulting behaviors caused from various stimuli and trauma. The brain-child of Harry Kerasidis, M.D., one of only a few neurologists in the world that specialize in cognitive performance and concussions, XLNTBrain seeks to protect athletes from the dangerous consequences of undetected and untreated concussions.

6 results - showing 1 - 6