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Fees / Payment Systems

Fees / Payment Systems provide online payment gateways for students, parents, and staff to make purchases, add funds to lunch account balances, etc.

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Engagement and fundraising platforms designed for K-12 schools and districts.   Livingtree Give - Online fundraising that provides easy district oversite and accountability, with a customizable approval process that includes tracking for easy distribution and reporting of funds.  Livingtree Class Messenger - Syncing Teachers, Parents, and Students through private 2-way messaging that enables greater connectivity between the home and classroom.  Livingtree Engage - One platform for all of your family engagement and communication that is visible, transparent and easily reported on.

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Whenever a family makes a payment, PaySchools’ software suite makes it simple. Our products securely handle payments for lunches, fees, donations, tickets, registrations, and more. Plus, our technology gathers all the accompanying data. Both parents and your front office have payment details, balances, and ticket and registration information at their fingertips.

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RYCOR is an award-winning fee management and online payments solution for K-12 school districts, serving over 900,000 students and 1700 schools. Our system automates the entire fee management processby synchronizing with your Student Information System, improving accuracy, efficiency, and convenience for all members of your school district. 

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Created by former school bookkeepers, the School Cash Suite is a web-based solution designed to track every dollar flowing through your schools. It is the only software available that fully integrates online payments, fee management, digital forms, and school-level accounting. The system ensures that schools and school districts have the most secure and efficient management of their School Activity Funds possible.

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SchoolPay handles all parent, community, and staff payments from an easy-to-use, fully self-service interface. Supporting all payments from a single platform reduces errors, audit scope/cost, cash management costs, and a host of other hard and soft cost savings.

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