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Transportation Services

Transportation Systems include any software designed to help school districts plan bus routes, maintain their fleet vehicles, schedules, inclement weather planning, field trip planning, bus driver dispatch, security video monitoring, etc.  Also includes systems to manage parking permits for faculty and students.  There are more than 10 different systems in use in California, but mostly by rural districts and/or very large urban districts.

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BusBoss School Bus Routing Software offers you school bus routing software that suits your school district’s or client’s needs and is easy to learn and use. With BusBoss routing software, you receive fast implementation with accurate data conversions that maintain the integrity of your current student, driver and routing information.

busHive - Field Trip

Field Trip Software from busHive is more customizable than your average transportation software program, which is why our multidimensional field trip management platform remains an industry favorite. This trip scheduling software gives teachers and principals quick access to our complete knowledge base which includes electronic field trip forms and approval processes. It also shows transportation departments essential driver, billing and dispatch information. Whether you’re preparing a single day field trip, an overnight field trip, or any trip related to sports or band activities, our software will maximize your district’s transportation efforts. The program saves time, effort and paper by getting the little things done right so school districts can effectively manage and organize all transportation operations with ease.
Edulog Transportation

EDULOG created the first routing and scheduling software for school districts over 35 years ago. Since then, they’ve stayed ahead of the curve with GPS and Student Ridership solutions that help districts do even more.


MySchoolLocator (MSL) is a simple and easy way for Districts to share school attendance boundary information with Parents, Staff and the Community members. MySchoolLocator with Bus Stops provide access not only to assigned school information, but information such as bus stop name, school served, pick-up and drop-off times, special day bus schedules, etc.

Rydin PermitExpress

Do you dread the long lines outside your office, and the endless hours of entering driver information into a spreadsheet, every time new parking permits need to be issued? Would you like to increase data collection and retrieval speeds? Increase your collections of parking fines? Let us help. Rydin PermitExpress™ is an online system, so there is no hardware to buy and installation can be done remotely. You can access all the driver information contained in the intuitive, user friendly interface from anywhere with an internet connection, and as easily as opening your web browser. Combine PermitExpress™ with Rydin Permit Distribution services, and drastically reduce the amount of traffic through your office, freeing your staff to focus on other tasks

SEON Transportation

With vMax Compass you can manage your current school bus routing solution and optimize routes and track vehicles and students in real-time in a single map view without installing software on your computer. 


Whether you manage an education, municipal, public safety, commercial or private fleet, Synovia delivers proven, easy-to-use fleet management tools. Our solutions provide robust monitoring of virtually every aspect of vehicle and driver activity in real time and powerful historical reports. Nearly two decades of experience serving some of the largest and most complex fleets across North America provide Synovia the expertise to deliver for your fleet. 

Transfinder is a global logistics software company providing intelligent solutions to municipalities, schools, and adult care facilities.


TransTraks is a new kind of software designed for the school transportation industry. Easy to learn. Simple to use. Powerful tools. Yet, affordable for all size school transportation operations. Using the point and click simplicity of Windows and the power of Microsoft Access, you can be in control of all of your transportation data.


Student transportation is more than just routing. While routing will always be central to any transportation organization, the job today involves so much more. From fleet maintenance to activity trips, from vehicle tracking to parent communication, a holistic, supporting technology is necessary.


Trapeze creates, delivers and supports software solutions and services that make it easier for transportation agencies to manage their complex, day-to-day business operations. They have the unique ability to partner with you for the full 360 degrees of your operations due to our focus on serving the transportation industry with a broad product portfolio.


Tyler Versatrans is a complete school transportation software suite, designed to help you efficiently and cost-effectively manage your day-to-day transportation needs — so you can safely transport students to and from their educational programs on time and on budget.


With T.O.M. WebTrips you can set up approval layers that a trip request must pass through before being submitted to the Transportation Department. Districts have a variety of trip request approval policies all of which can be modeled in WebTrips. The Approval Policy can be the same for all your schools or specialized at the individual school level.


With more than 15 years of experience and 170,000 school buses tracked, Zonar ensures your success with school bus tracking products designed to keep your kids safe and your fleet on track, backed by a trained customer support staff ready to answer your questions 24/7/365.


Zūm manages every vehicle, driver, passenger, parent, student and ride—on a single platform.
Zūm reduces costs and increases efficiency by deploying the best vehicle for each route—from a fleet that includes electric vehicles, buses, cars, and vans.
15 results - showing 1 - 15
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