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Data Integration

Data Integration is the process also known as "ETL" (Extraction, Transformation, and Loading).  It allows for data to be "extracted" (e.g. downloaded or pulled) from one system, transformed (changed) as needed, and then uploaded into a second system.  The best systems use a real-time RESTFUL API to do make changes immediately.  Other systems run a nightly ETL process.

Know of a great product that isn't yet on this list of California K-12 enterprise systems? Please let us know and we'll create a product page for it. Just drop us a note. 

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Developers want a modern, open, standards-based canvas for creating the next wave of game-changing apps. But all too frequently, the data needed to drive these innovations are cloistered away, locked up in legacy silos with proprietary API’s, hamstrung by batch CSV exports, or — at best — exposed by an alphabet soup of “standards” of all different makes and models. 

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Our solution provides everyone in the district – from superintendents to teachers to IT staff – with the underlying foundation to provide up-to-date and “trustworthy” information to all of the applications they use. IT staff is given the tools they need to keep the data up-to-date in real time. Administrators are given the data they need to get funding, allocate resources more effectively, plan school growth, assess teachers, and more. Teachers are enabled with the data they need so they can focus on their education mission and are equipped with the insights to meet the unique needs of individual students. Parents are enabled with a secure environment with real-time information to help them actively engage with teachers. Students are truly able to access the applications they need to succeed.

Integrity Schools
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Founded in 2008, Integrity Schools is a nationally recognized solution provider for school districts and software vendors in the educational technology market. Our mission is to help schools across the country integrate, consolidate, and disseminate information using open, standards-based technologies. Integrity Schools' core solutions are SIF (Schools Interoperability Framework) implementation and support services, business intelligence applications, and SIF Agent consulting for software vendors. We take a consultative and collaborative approach to every project we engage in. We want to fully understand your existing processes to make sure we implement a solution that’s right for you regardless of the size or complexity. 
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With the most advanced features in data integration, our adaptable, cloud-based interoperability platform gives you complete control of your information infrastructure.

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Data Integration and provisioning are required to enable student access to computer-based instruction. Synchronization of data from changes and updates to student records in the SIS is a requirement in order to have functioning instructional products.  Integrator automates data integration and provisioning eliminating delayed access to instruction and apps with old data.  Integrator recovers technology staff time and removes the opportunity for human errors being introduced by manual processes.

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Your Staff Time Matters

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We take care of all your content migration, and provide your users training and unlimited technical support so everyone can quickly transform their websites, better connect with their school community, and focus on what truly matters – your students’ success.

6 results - showing 1 - 6

Know of a great product that isn't yet on this list of California K-12 enterprise systems? Please let us know and we'll create a product page for it. Just drop us a note. 

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