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Entry SIgn

Product Details

The easy, simple and smart solution for managing your visitors. Designed for and installed in small to large organisations across the UK and worldwide.

Update your sign-in process with EntrySign, a smart and contemporary visitor sign in system for schools, colleges, MATs and universities. Everyone who visits your premises can sign in and out in seconds, all while capturing the information you need for safeguarding and reporting purposes. Current and historical data can be viewed on-demand and in real time.
  • Provides a live view of who is currently on-site and a report of who has visited at a moment’s notice.
  • When pupils arrive late, EntrySign can automatically send their information and late mark to your MIS system, helping to ensure everyone is accounted for.
  • During sign-in display a range of policies, such as school conduct, data processing and safeguarding, for visitors to read when signing in. Policies can be tailored to include important information, images and photos of key members of staff.
  • When an emergency situation occurs, EntrySign Live ensures everyone can be accounted for. One-click reports can be relayed to multiple printers and email addresses. EntrySign can also be integrated with fire alarm systems to automatically print fire evacuation reports in the event of an emergency.
EntrySign Cloud Features

View a unified staff list, facilitating effortless signing in and out for employees across multiple locations. SYNC saves valuable time, enhances visibility, and enables swift and hassle-free signing in and out across all sites.

EntrySign ROAM provides access to vital staff and student emergency contact details, medical, and dietary information during school trips and outings. Easily take registers while off-site to ensure everyone is present and accounted for.

EntrySign LIVE’s simple web app is easy-to-use and can be accessed on virtually any device with an internet connection and web browser. EntrySign LIVE provides an electronic copy of your roll call in the cloud, accessible on demand.

Provide pre-booked visitors and contractors with convenient access to policies, documentation, directions, and even real-time navigation. Grant authorized entry to your car park, reception area, and other access-controlled spaces with one-time access links.

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