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Instruction / Curriculum

Instructional/Curriculum software are "student-facing" programs that provide direct instruction, tutorials, guided practices or other instructional approaches.


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NEWSELA is an instructional content platform for grade 2-12 students.  Combines four engagement drivers 1) publish high-interest content that reflects student experiences, 2) provides students with autonomy and choice, 3) offers the right levels of rigor, and 4) empowers teachers to personalize instruction.  Pulls in daily content from news sources such as the Associated Press, Washington Post, National Geographic, Scientific American, Smithsonian, Encyclopedia Britannica, PBS, USA Today, and the History Channel, among several others.

Pear Deck

The fastest way to transform presentations into classroom conversations.

Imagine if you could engage every student in your class, every day. What if you could instantly see who’s confused and who’s ready for more? That’s the power of Pear Deck. And now, with the Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on, you can add the magic of formative assessments and interactive questions to your presentations right from Google Slides.

Raz Kids

Raz-Kids is an award-winning teaching product that provides comprehensive leveled reading resources for students. With hundreds of eBooks offered at 29 different levels of reading difficulty, it's easy to put the right content in every student's hands.


Engineered to unlock the science behind reading success, READ 180 Universal incorporates the latest research on how the brain learns to read. Scientists use neuroimaging to map different areas of the brain, highlighting the interweaving of language, word-recognition, and executive-function skills and the social-emotional state.

Reading Kingdom

We give you the tools to turn kids into successful readers! Reading Kingdom is an online K-3 reading program. It is the first program to use the groundbreaking "Phonics-PLUS" system. Reading requires 6 skills. Phonics teaches only 1. Reading Kingdom teaches all 6. It is the first system available that uses Dr. Marion Blank's patented "Phonics-PLUS" system.

Reading Plus

Reading Plus is the most comprehensive literacy intervention available for students in grades 3 through 12. The online program helps students build the efficiency, stamina, and silent reading fluency required to support comprehension and make reading more comfortable, enjoyable, and productive. Reading Plus is proven to develop the independent reading capacities of non-proficient readers, students who need reinforcement to master grade-level standards, and English learners. Students in upper elementary, middle, and high school who use Reading Plus get what they need, when they need it, at the pace that works best for them.

Renaissance Learning

Renaissance Star 360® assessments provide achievement and growth data you need for screening, progress monitoring, and guiding instruction in the least amount of testing time. Teachers in over one-third of schools nationwide rely on Star 360 for reliable data. Star 360 data is displayed on intuitive dashboards, giving you a quick, clear picture of how students are progressing.

RocketLit Science/History (formerly BirdBrain)

Rocketlit serves adaptive reading from the 3rd-12th grade reading levels to students in Science and Social Studies, to help both struggling readers and challenge advanced students. 

SAFARI Montage is the leading K–12 Learning Object Repository, Video Streaming Library, IPTV & Live Media Streaming provider. The Digital Learning Platform provides an interoperable tool for users to co-mingle procured digital resources, created content and curated OERs, and then manage and search all learning objects to create playlists, which can then also be linked to an LMS.  The platform is IMS certified in LTI, Common Cartridge, OneRoster and CASE. 


Smarty Ants is an effective, research-driven solution that differentiates instruction in foundational reading skills and accelerates student achievement – all in an engaging, interactive, online learning environment.


Your OverDrive school platform is a custom website that gives students 24/7 access to your digital content, which may include ebooks, audiobooks, streaming videos, and/or periodicals. Each district or school builds their individual content plan from our catalog of millions of titles from over 5,000 publishers. Once your website launches, educators can assign content and also allow students to browse and access content on their own, if desired. Students can access titles in many different ways: through the OverDrive app, in their browser, on eReaders or MP3 players, or in Kindle reading apps (U.S. only).

Sown to Grow

Sown To Grow is a goal setting and reflection platform that builds better, more confident learners. Students set learning goals, track their own progress, and write reflections on the strategies that work best for them (or new ones they want to try). Teachers set expectations, monitor growth, and provide feedback on reflections. We provide scaffolding and insights. The result? Students care more, focus on growth, and become better, empowered learners.

ST Math

Don’t settle for mere digitized math drills. ST Math is a visual instructional program that builds a deep conceptual understanding of math through rigorous learning and creative problem solving to engage, motivate and challenge PreK-8 students toward higher achievement.

117 results - showing 76 - 100
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