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Freckle Math

Freckle Math

Product Details

Freckle is flexible, captivating every learner with differentiated practice, and is designed to be both teacher-led and student-paced. You can assign specific math exercises based on grade-level standards, and for students who need practice outside of their grade level, Freckle can provide self-paced practice that continuously adapts as they progress. Real-world lessons encourage students to work in groups to solve fun, practical challenges with the skills they’ve learned.
  • K–12 coverage of standards and skills
  • Aligned to state standards and to Common Core
  • Over 70,000 unique math questions available
  • As students work, supports such as audio and hints guide them through their practice and help them solve problems without giving up
  • Additional math fact practice and inquiry-based resources help drive deeper understanding
Learn more about how students who used Freckle for 100 days avoided the COVID-19 Slide and actually exceeded expectations.

Compatible with the following interoperability frameworks or products:
  • CLEVER Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI)

Support Options
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Web
This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

School Districts in California that use Freckle*