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SEON Transportation

SEON Transportation

Product Details

vMax® Compass – School Bus Routing - Web-based school transportation management

With vMax Compass you can manage your current school bus routing solution and optimize routes and track vehicles and students in real-time in a single map view without installing software on your computer. More than just school bus routing software, vMax Compass, based on routing software from US Computing Inc., is an all-in-one, truly web-based solution for school transportation management. vMax Compass offers tight integration with routing, vehicle tracking, student tracking, and vehicle data status, such as stop arm deployment, DVR Health-Check, and panic alarms, all in one web-based interface, from any Internet connected device.

Truly Web-based Routing
Other software packages claim to have ‘web access’, but all the other routing solutions on the market require specialized software to be installed for full functionality. With vMax Compass there is no software to install or servers to maintain. Simply log in via any web browser to plan safe and efficient routes, and track students & vehicles in real-time.

Completely Integrated Routing, Tracking & Video
Dealing with multiple vendors or worrying about integration issues are a thing of the past. vMax Compass offers one stop for student safety by integrating routing, vehicle tracking, student tracking and video surveillance in a single web-based system.

View Planned vs. Actual Routes in Real-time
Through tight integration with vMax Live Plus fleet tracking, all of your vehicle data can be accessed using the vMax Compass interface. Live vehicle positions, historical tracks and planned routes are displayed in a single map view, eliminating the need to export routes to tracking software to do route comparisons.

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SEON Transportation
SEON Transportation
SEON Transportation