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School Cash Suite


Product Details

Created by former school bookkeepers, the School Cash Suite is a web-based solution designed to track every dollar flowing through your schools. It is the only software available that fully integrates online payments, fee management, digital forms, and school-level accounting. The system ensures that schools and school districts have the most secure and efficient management of their School Activity Funds possible.

School Accounting
The simple and intuitive system builds the foundation needed to successfully manage your school finances and automates the manual accounting tasks that school bookkeepers perform each and every day.
  •  A standardized chart of accounts is created that can be customized for each district.
  • Deposits and disbursements tracking capabilities automate the management of funds flowing through a school.
  • Reconciliation capabilities allow the balance of the school bank account to be easily reconciled against school activities.
  •  Auditing tools such as modified transaction logs and random data queries allow audits to be easily performed.
Student Fees & Forms Catalog
The system enables schools to assemble all of their student activity fees in one central location and assists in the preparation and tracking of catalog items and digital forms.
  • Fees can be customized with pictures, installment payments, email reminders, and more.
  • Fees can be activated based on start and end dates and inventories can be monitored to control remaining stock.
  • Digital forms can be created (i.e. for medical information) and are completely customizable for the unique requirements of your schools and district.
  • Chart of account categories are assigned to fees in order to track revenues in each account.
Community Notifications
The system has built-in parent communication capabilities to keep parents well-informed of the fees and forms relevant to their specific students.
  • Student information data can be used to assign items by grade, course, homeroom, or individually.
  • Fees can be assigned to students as either optional or required.
  • Notifications for new fees and reminders for overdue payments can be emailed to parents.
  • Parents have online access to digital receipts and a complete list of their student’s past and outstanding transactions.
Student Fees & Forms Data Collection
The system offers parents the convenience of online purchasing and access to digital forms to complete online transactions for student fees anytime, anywhere!
  • Online payments can be made by parents using Credit Card, Debit Card, eCheck, or preloaded funds.
  • Online payments are deposited into the school’s bank account and posted to the general ledger automatically.
  • Digital forms can be used to collect customizable data from students and parents.
  • A virtual point of sale register lets schools accept and track in-person purchases from parents through cash, check, or Credit Card.
Comprehensive Reports
The system allows for robust reporting to track payments, finances, and data to provide insights into school and district activity.
  • Payment reports can be run to determine who has and has not purchased each item.
  • Detailed financial reports for schools are available and can be consolidated at the district level.
  • Reports from digital forms can display information from parents such as text data, e-signatures, mailing addresses, and more.
  • All report data can be exported in standard formats to be used in third party applications.

Support Options
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