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The AD Toolset
Six tools for one price
Active Directory (AD) is quite a complex software, and it can also be difficult to try and figure out and use efficiently. Dovestones Software is here to help. We offer Active Directory management tools for you to buy so that you can streamline your use of AD. When you manage directory services in the organization, make sure you have our Active Directory tools by your side.

*New* AD Reporting
Active Directory Reports
  • Automated Reporting
  • Prebuilt and Custom Reports
  • Office 365 Reports
  • Last Logon Reports
  • Perform Actions i.e. Disable/Delete
AD Reporting is a reporting tool for Active Directory. AD Reporting contains a large number of pre-built reports plus a built-in scheduler allows you to automate reports on Users, Computers, Groups, Passwords and Office 365 on a hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Browser Based
Self Service Products
Empowering your users to self-manage is a huge benefit to them and you, saving time for your Helpdesk and your employees (or students). We have three browser-based programs that can help connect your users and reduce the IT burden.
AD Toolset tools:

1) AD Bulk Users
2) AD Bulk Export
3) AD Reporting
4) AD Photos
5) AD Find and Replace
6) AD Bulk Contacts

Support Options
  • Email
  • Phone
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AD Reporting Quick Look
AD Bulk Export Quick Look
AD Bulk Users Importing and Updating Users
AD Self Password Reset - Reset password by answering questions
AD Self Update Installation and basic configuration
Cron Job Starts