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Product Details

In education, whether it’s a large university or a local school district, when it comes to managing workflows, accuracy and accountability are critical. Educational institutions deal with a tremendous amount of paperwork and regulations that must be managed daily. By automating the workflow around things like hiring, grant proposals, vendor management, capital expenditure and expense requests, centralized approvals, operations requests, etc. paper and manual processes disappear, leaving a more efficient and productive organization in its place.
Improve the Student Experience

With workflow automation, you can streamline workflow in critical, student-facing departments like Financial Aid, Admissions, Registration and Academic Records. For instance, are there ways your financial aid office could better communicate with your admissions office on scholarship availability or your payroll office on student work study funding?

By providing the back office with powerful automated processes and students with a customized portal to submit requests and information, schools can ensure that students get what they need and the workload on administration staff is reduced, especially around heavy admission seasons.

By replacing slow, manual processes with automated workflow you can move students through their processes faster, improving their experience and earning more revenue for the school.

Integrify is Highly Customizable and System Agnostic

Every educational institution maintains a portfolio of applications that help get things done: Accounting, CRM, MRM, ERP, etc. Each of these enterprise applications does what it does extremely well. However, there is always work that needs to get done across multiple departments and/or systems. There are internal processes that are platform agnostic and, instead, look at the organization itself as the platform.

Implementing a workflow automation system that can talk to these existing applications and pass information between them ensures that processes aren’t stymied by chokepoints between systems. Integrify can be the “glue” that holds your disparate systems together.

Workflow Examples

What can educational institutions automate with Integrify? Here is a small list of examples:
  • Grant proposal processes
  • Payment/Financial disbursement requests
  • Faculty travel requests
  • Transcript requests
  • Internship applications
  • Class schedule approvals
  • Student registration
  • Financial aid requests
  • Budget request approvals
  • Staff and faculty onboarding
  • Recruiting authorizations
  • Curriculum peer reviews
  • Vendor approvals

Support Options
  • Email
  • Phone
This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

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