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Educational Networks

Educational Networks

We are usually known as "EduNet" or "EdNet" by our schools. For them, we are the "school website company" – in actuality – we are a software company. Our team of highly talented software engineers works hard to improve the functionality of our Content Management System (CMS) every day, so that schools can benefit as much as possible from their websites.
Every website we create is worked on by our photographers, graphic designers and project management team. Their responsibility is to custom design the website of each one of our schools to make sure it reflects their unique culture; all the while, ensuring it is easy to use and navigate. We often hear from our new customers: "We want our website to be different and the best." Imagine how challenging this is, but we are up for the challenge! Definitely, our team is the best out there when it comes to designing K-12 school websites.

Web Design

First we send a photographer to your school so that we can custom-design a website that reflects your school's culture. It will look great and will be easy to navigate.

Content Management System

Your website will be powered by the most advanced Content Management Software (CMS) for school websites. It's called SchoolSitePro. With SchoolSitePro updating your website will be quick and easy.

Your teachers will be able to maintain teacher and class pages, and even post daily homework assignments.
You will be able to make announcements, maintain calendars, create photo albums, and even have a video streaming section.

Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)

Most of the content on your website will be available in your mobile app: News and Announcements, calendars, teacher pages, classes, homework assignments, photo albums, videos, and more… You can configure your app based on your specific needs to maximize the benefits.

With our mobile app you can communicate to your community instantly with push notifications. You can either send immediately or schedule important messages for later.

Website Accessibility

Not only are our school websites accessible and compatible with screen reader software, but also we provide comprehensive training to all staff in your school's community through ongoing live webinars.

This helps to increase awareness and accessibility compliance for .pdfs, Word and Google docs published to the site.

Hosting and Maintenance

We will host your website in a cutting-edge data center in New York City. You will have unlimited
storage, so go ahead and upload tens of thousands of photos and videos.

We constantly upgrade our systems and replace parts with the best equipment that technology has to offer.
You can leave the technical details to us, and we will make sure that your website is safe at all times.

Unlimited Technical Support

Our technical support is available to all teachers and staff members, and is unlimited. They can reach us through our toll-free numbers (Mon-Fri 7:30 AM to 2:00 AM CST), and also create technical support tickets online.

Whether they just need a simple password reset, or a special banner to be created by a graphic designer, our
team of web designers will be available for them to take care of everything that has to be done manually.

Support Options
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Web
This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

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