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Civic Champs

Civic Champs

Product Details

Easily recruit, engage, and retain volunteers with Civic Champs.

Scheduling and Sign Up

Events & Shifts
Our event creation tools allow you to create recurring volunteer opportunities. Volunteers can easily sign up for tutoring shifts, after-school program supervision, snack duty, and other volunteer roles through our web platform or mobile app.

The personalized web calendar allows volunteers to view upcoming events and sign up for volunteer opportunities that fit within their schedules.

Waivers and Instructions
Education nonprofits often need to collect background checks from volunteers. Take the headache out of keeping track of paper forms and ensure volunteers have completed any necessary background checks with our digital services.

Time Tracking

Geofenced Check Ins
Use geofencing technology to make sure your volunteers aren’t forgetting to check in or out of their volunteer shifts. Improve your volunteer hour tracking so that your donor reports and grant proposals are accurate.

Kiosk Check Ins
Simplify the volunteer check-in process when you use kiosk mode to turn any laptop, desktop, or tablet into a virtual sign-in sheet.

Mobile Admin Tools
Log volunteer hours easily using your smartphone, find event schedules, and manage your volunteer force. Our mobile admin tools help you manage volunteers who are less technically inclined.

Feedback and Reporting

Feedback Collection
Gather feedback and reflections from your volunteers upon check-out. Use this feedback to improve your volunteer program, shape your marketing strategy, and step up your grant reports.

Volunteers are 10x more likely to donate to causes and organizations they volunteer their time with. Leverage Micro-donations to raise funds from your volunteers when they are most inspired.

Reduce the time and energy you spend on board meeting prep. Gather volunteer metrics, feedback, and analysis to create engaging reports for donors, board members, and grant opportunities.

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