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Product Details

School Pathways’ Personalized Learning Student Information System is perfect for classroom, blended and personalized learning. One student information system, multiple solutions.

Charter Schools
From CMOs to single schools, we help charters deliver distinguished virtual instruction and independent study programs.

School Districts
We help districts take their classrooms online to deliver effective, compliant distance learning programs.

Private Schools
We work with private and independent schools that want to provide the best online learning experience to their students.
  • SIS designed for your school-including bell schedules, independent study requirements, distance learning requirements, course calendar, standards, and more. 
  • Manage classes, curricula, student assignments, grades, report cards, communications, and more in a single, central location. 
  • Parents or authorized family members can access their students’ courses, assignments, and grades.

Support Options
This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.
List of customers:

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