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Edupoint Synergy

Edupoint Synergy

Product Details

Synergy® enables efficient management of all aspects of student data. With online registration, address and boundary validation, concurrent enrollments, and intra/inter-district transfers, student enrollment data is always accurate. Flexible administrative features make it easy to track attendance (daily, period, half-day, positive), and built-in tools simplify sharing information with parents. Multi-language support for parent portals, letters, report cards, and custom reports is available through full integration with MSWord. 

Robust Visual Scheduling
  • Synergy's comprehensive scheduling components satisfy even the most unique scheduling requirements, easily supporting teams and blocks, multi-day rotations, and planning periods.
  • Mass Scheduling optimizes an unlimited number of scheduling runs based on customer-defined parameters and provides an easy way to mass assign or mass edit scheduling data.
  • ClassBoard provides visual drag-and-drop scheduling for those used to the more traditional whiteboard schedule, highlighting conflicts.
  • Or use the Master Schedule Builder and have it do the hard work for you – managing course requests, staff, qualifications, room resources, and balancing criteria – to produce the most efficient schedule possible. Manipulate multiple scheduling runs simultaneously, and define scheduling parameters to match the needs of each school.
  • The Walk-In Scheduler makes mid-year schedule changes a breeze, bringing all needed information together on one screen. Schedule changes can be accomplished in three clicks – simply uncheck the class to be dropped, check the selected class to enroll the student, and save and print the schedule. It's that easy.
  • Online course requests with "intelligent validation" against prerequisites and graduation requirements ensure students are on track to graduate.
Traditional or Standards-Based Gradebook
  • Synergy® SIS enables districts to implement traditional or standards-based gradebooks for teachers with support for district, state, and Common Core standards.
  • TeacherVUE® Gradebook enables teachers to record and track student grade history across assignments, tests, homework, and projects. Both types of gradebook offer support for multiple scoring types and weighting. Customizable performance bands make it easy to analyze performance on test and assessments at the district, school, grade, classroom, or student level.
  • Report cards can be customized to match the exact look and feel of existing board-approved report cards. Student grades conveniently auto-populate report cards directly from gradebook entries with a click, and teachers can include comments and behavioral information about student conduct and work habits.
  • Essential functions such as standards-based reporting, progress reporting, historical archiving of grades, course histories, and class rankings are fully supported. And the entire interface is designed to save teachers time every step of the way.
  • Parents have real-time access to student assignments and grades via the ParentVUE® web portal or mobile application.
Customizable Dashboards
  • Customizable widgets give Synergy® users the power to create at-a-glance dashboard views of key performance indicators. A variety of widget types enable users not only to query and visualize from within Synergy SIS or external databases, but also to mix in helpful outside information like weather and traffic updates or RSS feeds.
  • Role-based dashboards make it easy to show every user the most relevant information. Administrator and principal dashboards can show up-to-the-minute insights into enrollment changes, absence counts, and more, while teacher dashboards keep tabs on grade trends, weather, education chats on Twitter, or favorite teaching blogs.
  • All users can choose the widgets they want to see on their home pages. Administrators have the power to add widgets to user home pages, set the order in which they appear, see who is using a particular widget, and add or remove users from widgets as needed. With appropriate permissions, users can also print widgets, view the query underlying a widget, or export the data to an Excel spreadsheet.
Student Performance Analysis
  • Synergy's TeacherVUE® Gradebook provides several ways of analyzing student performance, in real time, to inform instruction.
  • Right from within the gradebook, the Analysis Tool displays an overview of student performance for the class. Student grades can be easily organized and sorted and then analyzed for a deeper understanding of individual student or class performance. Values that are considered "at-risk" are highlighted for easy identification.
  • Analysis bands make it easy to group students based on performance, adapt individualized or classroom instruction to meet student needs, and see whether students are meeting required performance thresholds – such as proficiency on standards or activities eligibility.
  • Rich customization options enable users to include data from all of a student's classes for the school year, reorder column headings, filter and order data within columns, save customizations, and more.
  • Administrators can analyze districtwide gradebook data by grade, class, school, gender, and ethnicity.
Online Assessment
  • Synergy® Assessment enables educators to easily build, manage, and deliver formative classroom assessments online.
  • New assessments can be created with just a couple of intuitive clicks, importing items from any source or creating new, standards-aligned T/F, multiple-choice, single answer, and essay items. Teachers can monitor assessments, schedule future assessments, and access real-time performance data from the Assessment Dashboard. They can create breakout groups directly from the Results screen - simplifying the process of grouping students for differentiated instruction – and use classroom-level item analysis to identify widely missed items and ensure they are reinforcing concepts not yet mastered by most students.
  • Synergy Assessment empowers educators to measure and analyze individual and classroom progress toward district, state, and Common Core standards, strands, and sub-strands. Color-coded analysis bands show which students are performing below, at, or above performance thresholds. Administrators and teachers can view longitudinal assessment results by school, class/section, course, student, or AYP subgroup.
  • Because Synergy Assessment is fully integrated across the Synergy Education Platform, assessments can be built directly from LessonVUE® or TeacherVUE® Gradebook, delivered to students within the StudentVUE® module, and centrally stored for district-wide access. Teachers can view assessment scores in the gradebook alongside assignments, quizzes, and tests, making it easier to recognize performance patterns and adjust instruction to meet student needs. Assessment results are sent home via the ParentVUE® and StudentVUE web portals or mobile application.

This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

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