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Galileo's comprehensive assessment system makes it the clear choice for educators focused on promoting learning. The Galileo comprehensive assessment system is designed to help inform the many types of educational decisions that impact student learning and success. The Galileo comprehensive assessment system is the assessment solution you have been searching for with easy-to-use tools and robust item banks.

  • Assessments aligned to state test blueprints or your customized pacing guides
  • Multiple assessment types such as benchmark, formative, pre/post, summative, end-of-course
  • Technology ensures that assessments do not contain duplicate items, enemy items, or duplicate texts; the technology also ensures that passages are at appropriate reading levels and contain a balanced number of questions per passage
  • Test Builder and Item Builder interfaces for creating and sharing assessments
  • Secure item banks for district-level assessments and community item banks for classroom and school quizzes/tests with more than 161,000 items in ELA, mathematics, and science (including more than 16,800 technology enhanced items); plus optional Inspect® item bank offers an additional 91,000 items
  • Flexible methods for test administration
  • State-of-the-art statistical analyses and ongoing research including Item Response Theory analyses placing scores on common scale to accurately measure growth, forecast state test performance, and provide categorical growth analysis

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This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

School Districts in California that use Galileo*


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