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ACT Aspire

ACT Aspire

Product Details

The goal of Aspire is to identify learning gaps early on to help students stay on track for college readiness, while also preparing students for the content on the ACT. To do that, Aspire will also track college readiness using the ACT’s benchmarks

The Aspire has five sections that align with the ACT Plus Writing subject areas: Reading, English, Math, Science, and Writing.  Aspire includes a wide variety of question types.  Aspire questions can be multiple choice, short answer, or long answer (including essays and narratives). The questions also make students rearrange lists, correct math problems, or pick multiple answers from a set of choices. So even though the content is similar to the ACT's, the Aspire as a test is quite different.

The ACT still uses those scores to predict future ACT scores, based on when you took the test. For example, they would predict a higher future ACT score if an 8th grader earned a 410 versus a 10th grader, since an 8th grader has more time to learn and improve. However, the prediction is less straightforward than just adding a few ACT composite points. Furthermore, since the Aspire is so different, the prediction is not at all set in stone. (See Aspire to ACT Score Predictions article for more on Aspire scoring and ACT predictions.) 

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