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UtilityEssentials is a cloud-based energy management solution, integrated with ENERGY STAR®, that tracks, audits and analyzes utility consumption and cost to identify savings opportunities. Track bills and utility information for 37 utility types including electric, fuel oil, water, natural gas, to identify usage and cost red flags. You can generate detailed reports and graphs on use and cost by occupant, by square foot, and more. With UtilityEssentials, integrate with ENERGY STAR, providing national benchmarking for real world comparison to similar buildings across the U.S. Track overall success of energy conservation goals.

Combine utility tracking and conservation management with:

  • Utility Bill Automation Service to connect directly to your utility providers' websites and automate the data capture and delivery process to your existing UtilityEssentials solution with minimal action on your part.
  • Corrective and preventive maintenance to help identify your high energy usage buildings, create work orders to investigate mechanical issues that might cause these problems, and implement a good PM program to track the impact on energy costs.
  • Capital and planned maintenance to highlight low performing buildings from an energy usage stand point and target them for future enhancements.
  • Facility scheduling to enhance your energy initiatives by tracking energy costs and usage for your high use/event buildings.

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