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Glimpse by Level Data

Glimpse by Level Data

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Academic Resource Management

Are our instructional investments driving student outcomes?

Level Data helps school districts track their educational return on investment (eROI) to maximize the value of every dollar in the classroom.

There is a popular question districts often ask themselves, "Are our instructional investments driving student outcomes?" Answering this question used to require extensive data analysis that could take hundreds of hours. 

Our Achievement Investment Matrix (AIM) answers this question automatically by correlating investments with goals and expected outcomes to generate eROI analysis reports that identify what is working in the district and what is not.

  • Strategic Alignment - Academic strategy is organized into impact areas, outlining exactly which students should benefit. Each is evaluated in the context of your goals providing year round eROI metrics.
  • Fidelity Tracking - Evaluate instructional resources against usage expectations to identify if utilization drives outcomes.
  • eROI Analysis - Evaluate instructional resources in the context of goals to identify what's actually driving student outcomes.
  • Ineffective Spending - Elimination of ineffective spending drives student outcomes as these funds are recycled back into higher yielding resources.

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