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Hayes Inventory TipWeb-IT (Now a part of Frontline Education)


Product Details

(Now a part of Frontline Education INVENTORY & HELP DESK MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE)
TIPWeb-IT is an easy-to-use school asset management solution designed specifically for K-12 inventory control of mobile and fixed assets across building rooms and assigned to staff and students. Utilizing asset management best practices that include barcode and RFID technology and a user interface uniquely suited for education, TIPWeb-IT is a market leading solution for inventory control.

The asset management system supports the needs of those tasked with tracking anything from technology devices for 1:1 initiatives to Title I funded classroom items and property managed fixed asset capital equipment. TIPWeb-IT provides automated processes to speed inventory taking, centralize asset records, and integrate with enterprise systems to provide reporting that helps administrators make budgetary decisions to ensure equitable student resource access.

School Asset Tracking and Reporting

TIPWeb-IT enables districts to take advantage of barcode technology to update inventory records with daily changes in location -- a building/campus transfer, or even between rooms, students or staff members. Have a complete history of not only where each item has been, but also its status (Auction, Recycle, In Repair, Surplus, Lost, Returned to Vendor, Stolen, Damaged, Used for Parts, Available, In Use). From the moment it's purchased to the end of its useful life in the district, make sure your assets are accounted for.

Issuing assets for increased accountability

Utilize site level inventory tracking for students, staff, and rooms using a handheld scanner and barcodes placed on each item for accountability and retention. Assigning inventory to students and staff is made more efficient with nightly updates of the individual's current location from the student information system with options for inventory to transfer with that student automatically. Customize a distribution receipt to electronically capture an individual's signature for assigned inventory to eliminate unnecessary paperwork. District technology initiatives can be less burdening knowing that you can easily keep track of who has each mobile device, what fees have been paid, and what damages have been assessed. This increased accountability is paramount with high-value assets; never dispute a lost or damaged item again with TIPWeb-IT.

Inventory Details

TIPWeb-IT school asset management software provides in-depth reporting features for details on items throughout its time at your district. From funding source and purchase order details, to warranty and operating system info, TIPWeb-IT will allow you to keep track of individual items throughout its lifecycle within your district to make informed maintenance and purchasing decisions.

Real-Time Mobile Audits

TIPWeb-IT’s mobile audit functionality lets schools create, edit, and finalize physical inventory audits with barcoded tags using any web-enabled mobile device, including the iPad, iPhone, iTouch, as well as Android and Windows devices. Add on TIPWeb-IT RFID to reduce your inventory taking processes by up to 20%. Give yourself powerful district oversight capabilities for resource utilization and asset need assessment. Maintain data accuracy by performing rolling audits, aided by powerful school district automation software, for reporting to local, state and federal auditors. Exception reporting is available to identity verified, missing and misplaced inventory. Mobile inventory with TIPWeb-IT tells you immediately if inventory has moved rooms and even buildings locations.

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