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GigaTrak┬« ATS organizes and tracks asset inventory using an efficient check in/out process. Assets can be assigned a class, type, facility, location, condition, account, funding source and more! Assets are checked out to employees or locations. Audit locations to ensure items are present. Our goal is to provide a highly reliable, easy-to-use, low cost tracking solution. 

With Asset Tracking Software, assets can be easily assigned and tracked to either a location or person. The system retains records of usage, maintenance, and history of assets. Everything is logged using a barcode-scanning system via a standardized check in/out process. Keeping a historical data-trail for each asset helps to locate assets when needed, reduces disruptions in operations, and avoids the expense of purchasing unnecessary replacements.

 Asset Tracking 
  • Unlimited Assets
  • Complete Asset Info Including Serial #, Model #, etc.
  • Attach Asset Photos and Documents
  • Track Depreciation and Warranty
  • Import and Export Asset Data
  • Unlimited User Defined Fields, Conditions, Accounts, Funding Sources
Check In/Out 
  • Check Out Assets to Location, Employee or Member (Student)
  • Easily Check In by Barcode
  • Identify Assets by Barcode
  • Set Due Dates and Enter Transaction Notes
  • Reports to PDF
  • Email Reports through Outlook
  • Asset Assignment and History Reports
  • Depreciation and Value Reports
  • Perform Audits and Run Discrepancy Report
  • Reorder Point Notification
  • Custom Reports Available Upon Request
  • Track Scheduled Maintenance
  • Track Unexpected Repairs
  • Record Maintenance Cost

Support Options
  • Email
  • Phone
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