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Writing by Design / Grading by Design

Writing by Design / Grading by Design

Product Details

Grading By Design© is an innovative online web application that assists teachers through the process of evaluating student written work.

Writing By Design© unites teachers and students together in a common purpose: excellence in writing

This Common Core writing curriculum is designed to support TK-8th grade teachers to build capacity and confidence in providing sound writing instruction.  With detailed lesson plans, new and veteran teachers can confidently and successfully teach narrative, informative, summary, and opinion/argument writing.  

Common Core-Aligned Grade Level Manuals Include:
  • Detailed, Step-by-Step Lessons
  • Model Papers
  • Rubrics
  • Assessments
  • Student Revision Sheets
  • Editing Checklists 
Lessons teach Common Core Narrative, Informative,  Opinion/Argument, and Summary Writing

Unique Highlights of
Writing By Design© Include:
Consistent, Research-Based Lesson Design – All lessons at every grade level follow the design of Madeline Hunter’s researched methodology of effective instruction.
Online Professional Development – Time-saving program orientation.  Certificates issued to teachers/administrators upon completion.
Demonstration Lesson Videos – Authentic lessons in all grade levels (TK-8th grade).
Six Traits of Writing – Embedded in all lessons, K-8, and supported by years of scientific studies on classroom practices and student writing proficiency (REL Northwest, Education Northwest)
Scaffolded Design – The program was developed using a research-based backward curriculum design model with each year’s instruction building on prior-year student learning. This results in year-to-year increases in student proficiency, consistency throughout the grades with instructional practice, and increased teacher comfort level with program implementation.
Model Papers – Demonstration of the step-by-step revision process.
Assessment Tools – Class profile spreadsheets; teaching and scoring rubrics.
Writing Prompts / Formal Assessments – Eliminates the need for teacher or district-created tools.
Curriculum for Handwriting Instruction– An additional teaching manual is dedicated to handwriting instruction/beginning sentence formation at the Kindergarten level. This can also be a resource for students with special needs.
Strategies for Differentiated Instruction and English Learner Support 
Picture Book References and Resources – Differentiated by grade level, they provide students with models of Six Traits, CCSS strands of writing, and writing genres.
Six Traits and Genre Instructional Charts – Additional tools to support lesson delivery ensuring alignment of instruction to instructional goals/CCSS standards.
Online Resources – Reproducible teaching tools for time-saving lesson preparation. (Additional tools are under development and will be made available at no additional cost.)
Spelling – Explicit grade level “No Excuse Spelling” protocols ensure correct spelling of high frequency words.
Academic Vocabulary – Referenced in the Glossary of teaching manuals, this ensures a rigorous and consistent approach to writing instruction.
Optional Consulting and Coaching Days – Certified Writing By Design© coaches available for targeted professional development.  
Spanish-Translated Materials – Spanish versions of the Six Traits posters and CCSS Genre charts. 

This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

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