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Waggle (by HMH)

Waggle (by HMH)

Product Details

Waggle from HMH (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) is an adaptive learning platform designed to support students in grades 2-8 with Math and English Language Arts (ELA) skills. The program aims to personalize learning for each student, leveraging a combination of practice, instruction, and assessment to foster mastery of state standards and prepare students for high-stakes testing environments. Waggle's design is centered on promoting student engagement, providing immediate feedback, and encouraging productive struggle to build confidence and proficiency in critical subject areas.


1. Personalized Learning Paths:
Waggle uses adaptive technology to create personalized learning paths for each student. By assessing students' current skill levels and learning styles, the program adjusts in real time to present challenges that are just right for their development stage, thereby promoting growth and engagement.

2. Practice Plus Instruction:
The platform offers a unique blend of practice and instruction, where students are not only tested on their knowledge but also taught concepts through interactive lessons. This approach helps in reinforcing learning and ensuring that students grasp concepts thoroughly.

3. Immediate Feedback and Support:
Waggle provides immediate feedback to students on their answers, including explanations and hints. This feedback is designed to help students learn from mistakes and deepen their understanding of the subject matter without feeling discouraged.

4. Engagement and Motivation:
To keep students motivated, Waggle incorporates gamification elements such as rewards, badges, and leaderboards. These features encourage students to set goals, persist through challenges, and take ownership of their learning journey.

5. Teacher Tools and Insights:
For educators, Waggle offers a dashboard and reporting tools that provide insights into student performance, class averages, and areas of struggle. These analytics help teachers to tailor instruction, intervene when necessary, and track progress over time.

6. Alignment with Standards:
Waggle's curriculum is aligned with state and national standards, ensuring that the practice and instruction provided are relevant to what students need to know for assessments and overall academic success.

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