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Read Naturally

Read Naturally

Product Details

Read Naturally is a company that develops educational software and materials focused on improving reading fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary, primarily for elementary and middle school students. Their products are designed to support struggling readers through a combination of technology and direct instruction, utilizing evidence-based strategies. 

1. Read Naturally Live

Read Naturally Live is a web-based intervention program that aims to improve reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and phonics skills. It combines several research-based strategies, including teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring. This program is accessible on a variety of devices, making it flexible for classroom, remote, or hybrid learning environments.

2. One Minute Reader

One Minute Reader is a program designed for independent reading practice, using the same research-based strategies as Read Naturally Live but formatted for at-home use. It includes engaging, leveled reading materials with built-in timings, quizzes, and glossaries to help improve reading fluency and comprehension in a fun and interactive way.

3. Read Naturally Encore

Read Naturally Encore combines printed materials with audio support to improve reading proficiency. It is a teacher-facilitated program that uses physical books along with CDs or digital audio files. Students work through the steps of the Read Naturally Strategy, including reading along with audio, practicing independently, and answering comprehension questions.

4. Read Naturally GATE

GATE stands for Group and Tutoring Edition, which is a version of the Read Naturally strategy designed for small group instruction or one-on-one tutoring sessions. It utilizes printed stories and audio support to cater to the needs of various learning environments, including intervention settings, tutoring, and small group instruction.

5. Word Warm-ups

Word Warm-ups is a program designed to improve phonemic awareness, decoding skills, and phonics. It provides systematic, explicit instruction in phonics, allowing students to practice with audio-supported activities. This program is suitable for students who need targeted support in phonics and decoding to improve their reading fluency.

6. Read Naturally ME (Masters Edition)

Read Naturally ME (Masters Edition) is an earlier version of the Read Naturally strategy that uses printed materials and audio CDs to support the development of reading fluency. While it shares many features with Read Naturally Encore, it's tailored to provide intervention before students transition to the more advanced levels of Read Naturally Live.

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