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Team Tailor

Team Tailor

Product Details

A powerful and modern applicant tracking system.   Save time, collaborate better, and work smarter with our all-in-one recruitment software.

Posting a job
  • Publish job ads easily either by using a pre-built template or starting from scratch
  • Improve your ranking in search results with SEO optimization for your job ads
  • Use scorecards to assess candidates based on personality and skills
Recruitment process
  • Smart schedule auto-picks meeting times that work for you and your team, and sends candidates options to choose from.
  • Set the maximum amount of time you want your candidates to stay in a specific stage of the recruitment process.
  • Have candidates answer questions that automatically progress them through the hiring process based on specific criteria set by you.
  • Proactively source candidates and add them to the system manually.
Candidate management
  • Create job offer templates that you can send to candidates with just a click of a button.
  • Get a better overview of everything related to candidate data storage permissions and privacy.
  • Restrict access to specific candidates and make it accessible to only certain members of your team.
  • Allow candidates to follow the progress of their application.
  • Enable your employees to recommend candidates directly through Teamtailor and keep all your referrals in the same place.
  • Anonymous candidates
  • Hide candidates' personal information to avoid unconscious bias and focus only on their skills and experience.
  • AI Suggestions
  • Every time an application lands in your inbox, our AI identifies and marks which applications are considered top applicants.
Communicate with candidates
  • Teamtailor's bulk feature can send the same message to multiple candidates simultaneously.
  • Built-in video meeting tool to schedule interviews with your candidates without the need for any external systems.
  • Activate the candidate chat on your career site to communicate with your candidates before they even apply.
  • Reach passive candidates and recruit proactively with Connect, a talent pool that allows candidates to subscribe to future job openings depending on their areas of interest.
Generative AI (Co-pilot)
  • Write job ads and job descriptions
  • Co-pilot can suggest interview questions based on the role description and job ad.
  • Scan a candidate's resume and get all the information summarized in their candidate card. Add weight of importance to specific skills to quickly reveal your top candidates.
  • Record candidate video interviews and get a transcription and summary in real-time, which you can refer to and use later.
  • Draft emails to candidates, such as rejection or offer letters. Best yet, Co-pilot can include interview notes to provide specific feedback.

Support Options
  • Email
  • Phone
This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

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