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Drive-by IT support requests driving you nuts? Lost in a “ticket tracking” nightmare? Keep on top of IT and make it easy for your users to track their IT needs. Go beyond ticketing: understand (and change!) team behavior... and capture your value to the business.
Declutter, Organize, Prioritize
  • Easily deploy a customizable web portal for users-submitted tickets (as an alternative to email)
  • Automatically assign and route tickets, based on priorities and categories
  • Stay on top of tickets via consolidated activity streams and graphical dashboards
  • Organize your tasks with custom ticket queues
Manage tickets, Anytime, Anywhere
  • Take your help desk tickets and users with you wherever you go with our helpdesk native mobile app. (Android & iOS Apps)
  • From network inventory and monitoring to help desk, vendor ratings & reviews and more, Spiceworks mobile app delivers everything you need to get the daily grind done. All for free.
Automated responses save you time by eliminating the need to write the same responses repeatedly.
  • Custom ticket views help you filter tickets based on multiple criteria.
  • Ticket rules allow you to easily assign tickets, set categories, due dates, and priorities. Just enter the condition that will trigger the rule and the action will take place.
Your very own customized Knowledgebase
  • Discover and create new set of information, and share it with your peers.
  • Alter how-tos to reflect and fit your specific environment.
  • Create your own articles which can be private to you and your team or simply with all the experts in the Spiceworks community. 
Strategize, Forecast, Better business decisions
  • With advanced reporting, you can add filters, a combination of filters to create any reports.
  • These reports can be as simple as getting all open tickets to finding all pending tickets for any specified timeline.
  • Our custom Power BI Desktop Data Connector allows you to grab data directly from your Cloud Help Desk account, and refresh that data into your Power BI report template, with one click post initial setup.

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