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CareDox (Now SchoolCare)

CareDox (Now SchoolCare)

Product Details

CareDox is a New York company founded in 2014 that offers a free digital health record tracking system for students in K-12 schools.  Their mission is “to provide a unified health record and to enable school health programs to run more efficiently and safely.”  The service itself is free to public schools due to the fact that CareDox is completely subsidized by pediatric partners who have agreed to fully underwrite the cost of each school’s installation, SIS integration and configuration, and on-going training and support.  CareDox already serves over one million students on their platform in more than 2,000 schools across 30 states, and are a trusted integration partner with the leading Student Information Systems (they currently list Aeries and eSchoolPlus as integration partners).

CareDox works with schools because of a belief that “every child needs to learn to be healthy and be healthy to learn.”  Keeping students in good health is a fundamental pillar for them to attend school and learn. The CareDox system promotes accurate medical record documentation and limits access to each student’s health record to authorized personnel as required to assist each student.  Their emphasis on privacy and HIPAA compliance means that strict regulations are in place to keep health information out of the hands of those who are not authorized to view it.  

Unique Funding/Subsidy Model:

Most US schools are not properly funded or staffed to deal with the tremendous responsibilities they have around student healthcare management. Understanding that  they lack the financial wherewithal to purchase expensive health technologies, CareDox solves this challenge by not only innovating with a cloud-based solution, but also with a unique business model. CareDox works with pediatric partners to fully underwrite the cost of the CareDox health platform for public schools. This model is a win-win-win for families, schools, and the healthcare ecosystem. As we break down the siloes of health information, connect care teams, and enable population health management, we believe schools empowered by CareDox will ultimately fulfill the goal of improving outcomes for children.

Here are some examples of how CareDox uses student data in fully HIPAA and FERPA compliant ways:

Care Coordination – Schools, families, and local provider networks such as hospitals, Accountable Care Organizations, and health plans can opt-in to a data sharing agreement to manage chronic conditions and streamline delivery and access of care in their communities. For example, we work with local pediatric groups who come onsite to schools to administer vaccines, physical exams, and screenings. This data can then be shared with providers and health plans so information flows efficiently. Programs like this are completely opt-in: everyone is aware of them and has the option to not participate.

Population Health Programs – CareDox works with researchers from government, hospital, and life science companies who want access to de-identified reports and analytics around health informatics. For example a local hospital may want to know how many children with diabetes or  asthma  are in their region for resource planning. National studies using de-identified, anonymous data can give insights into broad trends and help focus research efforts into new drugs, devices, and medical procedures. Programs such as these move health  research forward and are a beneficial public health service. No personal information of any kind is ever shared.

Patient Education – CareDox works with health organizations and curates its own health educational messaging to users of the system. This information is based on FDA approved products, publicly available resources, and agreed by the medical industry to be beneficial information for patients. For example, reminders of the national CDC schedule for vaccinations, or alerts about concussion prevention with student athletes. Parents receive information via email and also in-platform when logged into CareDox. Parents can always opt-out of these educational messages.

CareDox earns revenue from each of these types of activities; each is essential to providing the resources so that we can always offer the best product and support to public schools and families at no cost. We are proud of each of these initiatives and know that they provide valuable tools for all stakeholders and are part of the future of healthcare. Our partner school districts understand how we operate, and work with us both for the day-to-day student health technology and the larger mission of improving pediatric health.

CareDox helps school nurses get notified when a school’s medical supplies are running low, assess clinic visitation patterns, and pull health records quickly and efficiently.  The system also helps school administrators by easing the process of completing compliance reports.  Parents can update contact information online.  Additional features include an immunization registry, medication schedules for nurses, multiple reports for admins, and more.   The system itself can send notifications to parents, administrators or users for the following types of events or triggers:

 •  Student visits the nurse
 •  Medication administration
 •  Medication is running low
 •  Chronic Condition Visit with charting
 •  Health profile changed
 •  Immunization Forecast
 •  Care Plan review and signature request
 •  Enrollment submissions and approvals
 •  Report generation

CareDox also offers health enrollment forms via the Parent health portal and notifications.  Parents can use the system by creating personal CareDox accounts to complete enrollment and health profile information online for their children.  This process ensures that no paperwork is lost - it is all kept online in the web-based system.  Parents need to merely log in and update their account information, rather than fill out the same forms year after year with the same information.  The system allows parents to keep up-to-date with their child’s health at school, with health alerts from the school, and keeps accurate immunization data.

When CareDox partners with a school district, they start by integrating with each district’s Student Information Systems (SIS) and automatically loading the student rosters into the CareDox platform.  Our client services team then works with the district’s staff to train them, configure the system, and invite parents. Parents create personal CareDox accounts to complete enrollment and health profile information online for their children.

Student health staff at the school then use this information to set up their workflows for medication inventory tracking and schedules, chronic condition plans, and compliance reports. During the school year, health staff use the CareDox Medical Center to record daily activity such as visits, medication administration, and health screenings. Parents receive alerts when their child sees the nurse or medications need to be refilled. All this information is immediately available for reporting and analytics to help the district run efficiently and better manage student safety.

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Company News

Eight years under the CareDox umbrella led to many observations about the infrastructure serving pediatric health. Our most valuable learning is that the K-12 public school system in our country presents the ideal foundation to support our mission. We have updated and focused our business model, product offering, team, and culture to help the K-12 public school system coordinate convenient, quality healthcare services for our children.

We’ve been working with school nurses and health officials for many years and we know that they got into their field because they want to keep kids healthy. However, the state resources available to them are not readily apparent, are fragmented, and are not tailored to the needs of individual children. To be clear, key state health entities like Managed Care Orgs, Children’s Health Systems, and other community resources share school caregivers' mission to keep our kids healthy. But these entities often aren’t as familiar with the day-to-day.

SchoolCare connects these two key elements in childrens’ health – school-based healthcare and state-funded clinical programs – where goals and incentives are aligned but coordination is lacking.
This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

School Districts in California that use CareDox*


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