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Product Details

RevTrak and PowerSchool work together to streamline the way schools accept and handle student payments. As an official PowerSchool partner, we take payments for food service, technology fees and everything else through the RevTrak Web Store and post them in PowerSchool immediately – allowing your staff to reconcile payments in less than 10 minutes.

Empower staff to work more efficiently while giving parents an easy way to make payments.

Speed up school food lines with our easy-to-use software designed for K-12 cafeterias.

Prevent long lines with user-friendly hardware and adjust to social distancing protocols with contactless identification.

Increase school funding and increase family participation with online applications.

With biometric scanning and ID cards, schools can prevent bullying, increase checkout speed, and reduce costs.

Place your menu online for parents to select meals for their kids in advance.

Support Options
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Web
This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

School Districts in California that use RevTrak*