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Product Details

The cafeteria software that makes connecting administration, parents and federal programs easier. LunchTime can save many hours of data collection and compilation, maximize your meal reimbursement dollars, minimize the time spent of managing student account information and much more. This system was developed in partnership with a school district to address needs that were not met by existing food service software solutions.

Parents can view all purchases and fund their children's account online with real time credit card processing. Our web solution is unique in that it is hosted by the school district with no additional monthly or per transaction fees charged by us. The only per transaction fees are charged by the credit card merchant.

Automatic import of student information from your existing SIS package. This allows our software system to contain student information in a matter of minutes compared to hours or days with other school lunch software packages.

Federal and State Reimbursement tracking reports for the National School Lunch Program. These reports will save you time in calculating your reimbursement dollars and improve funding and accuracy.

Fast lunch line processing. Having a fast lunch line allows kids to spend more time eating lunch and less time waiting in line.

Centralized database which allows the entire school district to be managed from one location. This provides the ability to create reports for each school individually or for the entire school district from the same location.

Support Options
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This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

School Districts in California that use Lunchtime*