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Product Details

With Tyler’s Munis enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, you can manage the core financial and personnel functions of your school’s business office. Web-based applications and a single database integrate all financial, human resources and procurement information throughout a district, centralizing data and processes. Users only have to enter data once and it’s available in all ERP applications, reducing redundancy, increasing efficiency, and improving data quality and integrity.

Fund Accounting & Budgeting 
Simplify the management of critical financial processes districtwide for easy compliance with regulatory requirements, and for highly structured accounting and budgeting processes.

Automate the entire procurement process lifecycle, from requisition to purchase. Access detailed supply chain information and employ proven strategic sourcing techniques such as spend analysis, competitive sourcing and contract negotiation to get the right value for purchases, and to provide full accountability for purchasing decisions.

Human Resources
Manage and analyze employee recruitment, compensation, retention, training, development and pay information for informed decision making, for alignment of employee and district goals, and to get the most value from your workforce.

Advanced Munis Features for Schools
  • Central Programs — Central programs integrate key information from Munis applications into one screen, providing one-click access to relevant data. View summary or detail information and link to records contained in individual Munis applications.
  • Integration — Munis applications work with the Tyler and third-party tools and systems your district uses every day. Tight integration between programs means processes are smooth and you always have access to the data and functionality you need, demolishing the silos inherent in outdated legacy systems.
  • Reports — Reporting features powered by SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) help you create complex, customized reports to examine trends, expose relationships and zero in on important facts. Munis also offers full bi-directional integration between your Munis database and Microsoft® Excel ® for sorting, summing, formatting and arranging data, and for performing complex data analysis and reporting.
  • Self Service — Self-service applications provide employees, vendors and citizens with 24/7, on-demand access to personal information such as pay stubs for employees, profile and bid history for vendors, and bills and payment history for citizens via a customizable website. Download the Munis Employee Self Service for Schools product sheet »
  • Wizards — Wizards walk users step by step through performing infrequent, hard-to-duplicate processes, streamlining tasks, improving efficiency, and ensuring process consistency and accuracy.
  • Workflow — Automate the flow of approvals, notifications and tasks throughout your district using tailored business rules in Munis Workflow. Administrators can view workflows in real time, capture and report on workflow metrics, monitor progress activity and more. Employees are automatically alerted when they have pending approval requests or assigned tasks.

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