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Avid Xchange

AVID Exchange

Product Details

AvidXchange is a K-12 finance product designed to streamline and automate accounts payable processes for schools and educational institutions. It offers a comprehensive platform that digitizes manual processes such as invoice receipt, approval, and payment, reducing paperwork and human error. AvidXchange enables electronic invoicing, automated approval workflows, and electronic payments, allowing schools to manage finances more efficiently and securely. With features tailored to the unique needs of K-12 institutions, AvidXchange helps schools save time, reduce costs, and improve financial visibility and control.

Streamline your entire invoice process with:
  • Automated invoice data extraction software and routing 
  • AI and Machine Learning for quick and accurate data entry
  • Customizable approval workflows
  • Real-time visibility into invoice status
  • Powerful reporting and analytics
  • Best-in-class service and support
AvidPay is our bill payment automation solution built to help you improve risk-prone, manual payment processes and more easily pay your business bills.  AvidPay can help you save time and money with:

  • Paperless bill payments supported by a full-service team
  • Customizable workflows and anytime, anywhere approvals
  • Access to our AvidPay Network of more than 965,000 suppliers
  • Real-time payment visibility
  • Powerful reporting and analytics
  • Best-in-class service and support

Support Options
This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

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AvidXchange Overview Video
AvidInvoice + AvidPay Demo