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RYCOR is an award-winning fee management and online payments solution for K-12 school districts, serving over 900,000 students and 1700 schools. Our system automates the entire fee management processby synchronizing with your Student Information System, improving accuracy, efficiency, and convenience for all members of your school district. 

Fee Management- RYCOR Fee Management is a comprehensive software solution that allows Districts and schools to create fees, assess students, bill parents, collect payments, and run reports.

RYCOR Online Payments-RYCOR Online Payments is a parent-facing and web-based portal that allows the District to accept credit card and e-check Online payments through a customized website that is compatible with any modern browser capable of running TLS 1.2.

RYCOR Point of Sale- RYCOR Point of Sale is a web-based solution that allows the District to accept in-person cash, check, and credit card payments

RYCOR Online Forms-RYCOR Online Forms allows the creation of online forms through a drag-and-drop designer, and the assessment of forms to student accounts based on group membership. 

RYCOR Event Ticketing-If schools have ticketed events with assigned seating, like graduation banquets, or theater productions, RYCOR Event Ticketing allows users to setup online events that link to specific venue floor plans, where each ticket sold corresponds to a physical inventory of seats.

RYCOR Sync-RYCOR Sync enables synchronization with existing District systems such as PowerSchool or Infinite Campus. 

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PowerSchool, Aspen, Synergy, Aspen SIS, Infinite Campus, SRC Solutions, Focus, AtrieveERP, Infinite Vision, Cayenta, Edulog, versatrans


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