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Engagement and fundraising platforms designed for K-12 schools and districts.   Livingtree Give - Online fundraising that provides easy district oversite and accountability, with a customizable approval process that includes tracking for easy distribution and reporting of funds.  Livingtree Class Messenger - Syncing Teachers, Parents, and Students through private 2-way messaging that enables greater connectivity between the home and classroom.  Livingtree Engage - One platform for all of your family engagement and communication that is visible, transparent and easily reported on.

Families need to be actively engaged in their children’s education during the critical K-12 years, because they will always be the first and most important educators in their children’s lives. Unfortunately, it is difficult for parents to keep up with all of their kids’ daily lessons and life experiences at school. Every parent knows how hard it is to get an answer to the simple question “what did you do at school today?” There are also very limited opportunities for parents to actually see into the school. With today’s technology, it doesn’t have to be this way. Parents should have one place to look for everything they need to know about their children’s education, not five places to look for bits and pieces of information. Livingtree Engage provides K-12 school districts a unified engagement solution that gives parents the equivalent of a front-row seat or a window into the school.

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