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eSSETS Full TM Green@1x

Product Details

eSSETS provides cloud-based asset and facility management software that helps organizations track and manage facilities, assets and maintenance from the convenience of web-browsers and mobile devices. The EAM software combines asset information with tools for inspections, preventive maintenance scheduling, service requests, warranty tracking, and much more. eSSETS leverages the power and convenience of the Internet to deliver maximum functions in minimum time.

eSSETS integrates an intuitive Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). This lets managers like you have the all-encompassing functionality needed to quickly and efficiently manage your facilities' needs—on any device, no matter where you are. 

Work Order Management
eSSETS' work order functionality is a help desk and dispatch system rolled into one that helps you ensure inspections, preventive maintenance, and repairs are completed on schedule and to your specifications.

Maintenance Scheduling
eSSETS lets you systematically schedule recurring work in granular detail so you never have to suffer the frustration of missing—or even failing—another required inspection or preventative maintenance activity.

Contractor & Vendor Management
From assigning work to requesting bids to tracking insurance credentials and invoicing, eSSETS provides vendor and contractor information management that allows you to quickly and easily leverage your most critical resources.

eSSETS' facility management reporting distills lengthy data into a few succinct reports—bypassing scrutiny and human error. Because there's beauty in functionality that delivers data-driven insights you'll actually use.

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