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Product Details

A single, centralized room and resource scheduling platform such as EMS enables campus and event planners to efficiently and cost-effectively schedule everything from classes to study spaces to event spaces, allowing academic institutions to capitalize on their real estate.

EMS Campus™ offers the functionality your academic schedulers demand and the integrations to support your existing investments and technology infrastructure

Course scheduling scenarios
Creating and testing multiple course and room optimization scenarios.

Course optimization
Bulk scheduling of hundreds and even thousands of course sections with our Optimization tool.

Scheduling by classroom attributes
Scheduling classrooms according to attributes such as room size, equipment, location, accessibility and availability.

Scheduling by preferences
Capturing and accommodating departmental, instructor and other preferences via the web-based interface.

SIS Integration
Allowing full, bidirectional integration to student information systems (SIS).

Final exam scheduling
Scheduling of final exams into available spaces and times in a variety of spaces.

Preconfigured reports
Generating reports on the data specific to academic schedulers, including classroom seat fill, ‘prime time,’ and back to back assignments.

Integration with event planning
Providing powerful event management tools alongside classroom scheduling to allow for a complete view of the utilization of all campus spaces.

Online request forms
A highly configurable, web-based request process that captures mandatory event details, including through custom user-defined fields.

Full-service conference and event management
Includes workflows for the coordination of departments such as catering, housekeeping, facilities, audio visual and IT support, and public safety/security.

Full reservation calendar views
Browse, filter and display a list of current reservations to see what spaces are open or where your next meeting is taking place.

Support for recurring and repeating events
Book recurring meetings conveniently within the same reservation and easily clone entire past bookings for repeated events like annual banquets.

Safety-net email processes
Open communication for reservation requestors, service providers and others that confirm details or changes and eliminate missed communications.

Over 110 preconfigured reports
Easy tracking and reporting of all event-related finances and contracts such as deposits, payments, adjustments, and more, including automatic emails.

Support Options
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