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Level Data State Validation Service


Product Details

The Level Data State Validation Service provides a series of validation rules accessible to users via a custom screen within PowerSchool. The service is designed to help the users proactively correct state reporting errors PRIOR to submission, breaking the cycle of submit, reject, fix, repeat. They embed the service within PowerSchool. This method provides faster correction capabilities than the conventional processes where users have to access individual records to make corrections. Level Data’s solution allows users to correct multiple records concurrently that are in violation of any particular state validation rules.
 Level Data will use the documentation from your state’s Department of Education data submission handbooks to aid in business rule development. Each individual state will receive a robust set of business rules that can be applied to all of the districts. With input from the client districts (and representation from your DOE), this rule library will continue to expand and evolve. Ongoing enhancements to the business rule library will be included in the annual service fees. As an added benefit, districts will be able to purchase custom validation rules uniquely tailored to their district, at an additional fee.
 Total installation time is approximately five minutes. The customization can be installed using Plug-In Management or web-root. Once your server is registered, all business rule and support updates are applied automatically. In fact, whenever they make changes, EVERY district that has the service installed will have the updates applied automatically. There is no need to wait for a nighttime process or rebooting the server or even logging out and back in again. The changes are reflected the next time the screen is refreshed, making it very easy for deployment throughout the state.

Real Time Validation
RealTime Validation identifies errors as they are edited and entered into PowerSchool. It allows for cleaner data in less time.

State Data Validation
State Data Validation is a custom page in PowerSchool that summarizes all demographic errors in the SIS and allows users to correct numerous errors at once BEFORE data is submitted to the state.

This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

School Districts in California that use Level Data*