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Sophos School Protection

Sophos School Protection

Product Details

Sophos Firewall includes features purpose-built for higher-education, K-12, and primary or secondary education institutions and the challenges you face.

Powerful Web Filtering Policy
Utilize built-in policies for CIPA compliance and other education specific features for SafeSearch and YouTube control.

Child Safety and Compliance 
Get compliant immediately with our built-in policy settings and important features to monitor activity online.

Context-aware Keyword Filtering 
Identify problematic behavior like bullying before it becomes a real issue.

Insights into Top Risk Users 
Recognize users with risky online behavior so you can take appropriate action.

Chromebook Support 
Adds to our extensive user authentication options to enable full user-based policy and reporting on every platform.

Top-Rated Protection From Threats 
Ensures you’re not wasting time cleaning up malware outbreaks or recovering from ransomware.

Support Options
This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

School Districts in California that use Sophos*


Sophos School Protection