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Product Details

NovaStor provides solutions and expert services to thousands of educational institutions from K-12 though higher education colleges and universities. NovaStor understands the needs and requirements of schools and universities and is dedicated to protecting their data by offering secure backup for education with unmatched service and support.  Education IT administrators are forced to deal with tight budgets that limit team size, their ability to keep up with scalability (data growth requirements) and a limited backup window. NovaStor’s expert knowledge, all-inclusive solutions and services address these challenges by providing strong, encrypted backup and recovery solutions utilizing best practices supporting local and multi-cloud environments.
NovaStor supports thousands of education customers and we’re very much aware that no two environments are alike. Our customers range from a single small school district managing a single terabyte of data to a University department maintaining petabytes of medical or geographical (seismic) data. Each one receives NovaStor’s full service approach that removes the complexity and additional stress that backup can add to an IT admins life.

  • Direct access to NovaStor Backup Experts: They’re just a call away! Speak directly to people that have worked in similar roles to you, who understand your needs, but also now work on backup issues for a living. Something new to you has probably been seen and solved several times before by our backup experts.

  • All-Inclusive Licensing: Things change, sometimes not as quickly as you like. With all-inclusive licensing, you receive all NovaStor features for a single price and future proofing comes built-in. You shouldn’t have to worry about extra costs related to changes to your OS, your virtual environments, storage devices or each time you add another instance of Microsoft SQL. Your complete solution – software, application agents, professional services and technical support – they’re ALL included.

  • Budget Friendly: NovaStor offers packages and programs to education that are All-Inclusive (see above) and cater to even the toughest budgets. Even large departments can be overwhelmed and underfunded. With NovaStor you can lock-in pricing for multiple years (ideal for fixed budgets) and run extended proof of concepts to make sure that you are protected until your budget becomes available. You’re unique and NovaStor treats each situation the same way.

  • Support for Any Environment: NovaStor tries to help you get the most out of your existing environment (budget friendly). Many education environments run on legacy systems. NovaStor supports just about any environment, whether you backup to tape, disk, cloud or all the above. Many competing solutions only support one environment, so if they want your business, they have to recommend that you change what you have today. With a complete solution, NovaStor will only recommend what is best for you…not for us.

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This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

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