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Pulling together all educational data assets from all relevant source systems, and then linking this data together, DecisionEd allows school educators and administrators to focus on analyzing information. A single reliable source for information on students, programs, curriculum, teachers, schools, and the district is critical.

With DecisionEd, data from multiple sources is easily linked and becomes highly accessible for different types of staff.  The Early Warning system is based on a holistic view of the student incorporating all relevant factors, not just a single assessment. Student performance is based on multiple measures, including assessments, classroom assignments, and interventions.  Data teams and PLC’s now have access to a robust 360 degree view by student, by curriculum, or by grade level.

All data related to student performance across multiple data sources can be integrated and made immediately actionable. Answer questions that were previously unanswerable by linking data across multiple disparate sources.
DecisionEd can analyze myriad data sources, providing more accurate alerts than single source assessment-based tools. Allowing you to rapidly create and refine customized profiles based on schools, grades or other criteria. IBM Watson artificial intelligence can even help you find patterns you might have missed.
The key to adopting this powerful solution into your culture is the ability to deliver impactful information to stakeholders. This information should be delivered when and how the stakeholders need it. DecisionEd provides a 360-degree view of students, school, curriculum, programs, and more.

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This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

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