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Product Details

DataZone provides affordable data warehousing and analytic tools. It streamlines collaborative efforts through the use of shared governance, a shared data model, standard data definitions, and centralized data storage. With such a powerful tool, agencies and school districts are able to coordinate support services, maximize the use of key organizational performance data, create policy alignments, and guide decisions around funding priorities.

DataZone’s Student Data Warehouse is the central mechanism that helps counties and districts integrate multiple data sources and data sets, improving the speed and efficiency of accessing data from a variety of source systems like the student information system, state testing files, and even community-based organizations and county agencies.

DataZone Analytics provides dynamic dashboards for district and school leaders as well as teachers to quickly gain insights and make informed decisions about student learning and system effectiveness.

The Student Data Warehouse provides an innovative opportunity to bridge data sets across community-based organizations and educational data.

Data Exchanges allow for secure and efficient access to the Student Data Warehouse in order to generate reports that answer questions faced by policymakers, district administrators, program evaluators, researchers, educators and community-based organizations.

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This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

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