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Aeries Analytics

Aeries Analytics

Product Details

Aeries Analytics™ is a next generation Assessment System, fully integrated into the Aeries Student Information System. Aeries has long had built in assessment tools like Pre-IDs, Test Loads, Test Analysis Reports, Test Scoring, and Multiple Measures features. Aeries Analytics takes these features to the next level. Development is being done in conjunction with changes to the Aeries Gradebook and focuses on the needs of teachers to link assessments with standards-based grade reporting. Aeries Analytics is a fully web-based system and takes advantage of new technologies that provide a rich user interface and features only previously available to client-based systems. 

Untethered Access
Access Aeries Analytics™ from anywhere — rather than just certain computers or computers on your server. This means teachers can grade from home — administrators can access data from anywhere, anytime — just login. This increases productivity and flexibility.

It's flexible to any district's needs — Aeries Analytics™ provides for an unlimited number of customizable and dynamic dashboards with drill-capabilities to be created and quickly shared. From report tables and graphs, users can easily click on anything (bar line, pie piece, percentage, etc.) to see a list of those students who meet any criteria you choose. These drill-down capabilities allow for looking at what is going on with any imaginable sub-group of students or individuals — basically equipping you with insights to understand patterns and maybe understand why students are scoring poorly or not showing up for school. Reports can be customized in an unlimited way and quickly shared, allowing for simple collaboration of data.

Early Dropout Warning System
Analytics has a robust "early dropout warning system" to alert users about students at risk of not graduating. This feature helps you keep an eye on attendance, testing, and more. It creates watch lists for you so you can begin student intervention early — before it's too late. With any list of students in your dashboard, it is a simple. couple of clicks to add interventions to those students or place them into a tutoring program. It's basically an automated student intervention tool at your fingertips.

Aeries Analytics™ Data Analysis and Early Warning Features:
  • Unlimited number of indicators
  • State and local tests with sub-strand support
  • Gradebook, report card, and transcript integration
  • Attendance percentages and thresholds
  • Customized colors and text
  • Early warning dashboard view
  • Pie, bar, and column charts with on-the-fly drill-down and filtering
  • Unlimited number of dashboards

Aeries SIS
This list is compiled annually through our web surveys, internet research, and phone interviews with California school districts.

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