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Give every coach the tools to connect with families and run their teams. Organize your registration, tournaments and leagues. And manage your own beautifully designed website with ease – all from one place. That’s the power of the SportsEngine platform.

SportsEngine is an app and platform designed to streamline sports management and communication for coaches, parents, athletes, and sports organizations. Here are some key features and functionalities of the SportsEngine app:
  1. Registration and Payment Processing: SportsEngine allows sports organizations to set up online registration forms for players and teams. Parents and athletes can register for sports programs, submit necessary forms, and make payments securely through the app.

  2. Scheduling and Attendance Tracking: Coaches and team managers can create and manage game schedules, practices, and events within the app. Players and parents can view schedules, receive reminders, and track attendance for practices and games.

  3. Communication Tools: SportsEngine provides communication tools such as messaging, notifications, and email alerts to keep coaches, parents, and athletes informed about important updates, announcements, and changes to schedules or events.

  4. Team Rosters and Player Profiles: Coaches can manage team rosters, player information, and contact details within the app. Athletes can create profiles to showcase their sports achievements, statistics, and upcoming events.

  5. Live Scoring and Statistics: SportsEngine offers features for live scoring and statistics tracking during games and events. Coaches, parents, and fans can follow live updates, view game scores, and access player statistics in real-time.

  6. Volunteer Management: Sports organizations can coordinate volunteer opportunities and manage volunteer sign-ups through the app, helping to ensure smooth operations during events and activities.

  7. Customizable Websites: SportsEngine provides tools for sports organizations to create and customize their own websites, where they can showcase team information, schedules, news, and other relevant content.

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