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Product Details

Khanmigo is an AI-powered personal tutor developed by Khan Academy, designed to provide interactive and personalized tutoring integrated with Khan Academy's extensive educational content library. This service targets both individual learners and educational institutions, focusing on subjects ranging from math to humanities, coding, and social studies.

Khanmigo differs from other AI tools like ChatGPT by not simply providing answers but guiding users towards discovering solutions themselves, enhancing their understanding and learning process. It employs GPT-4 technology, allowing it to handle more sophisticated conversational capabilities and educational tasks. This includes helping students craft essays, understand mathematical concepts, and prepare for exams by interacting with them in a more engaging and supportive manner.

  1. Personalized Tutoring: Khanmigo uses AI to provide personalized tutoring that adjusts to the learner’s pace and learning style. It guides users through learning materials by asking questions and encouraging problem-solving rather than simply giving answers.

  2. Wide Range of Subjects: It supports a broad spectrum of academic subjects including math, science, humanities, coding, and history, making it useful for students from elementary school through college.

  3. Interactive Learning Tools: Khanmigo is integrated with Khan Academy’s extensive content library, allowing it to provide relevant and context-based tutoring across more than 100,000 lessons, videos, and hands-on exercises.

  4. Career and Academic Coaching: Beyond academic subjects, Khanmigo helps with career coaching, college admissions, and professional skill development such as coding and writing, offering real-time feedback and guidance.

  5. Accessibility Features: It includes text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities, making it accessible to younger learners and those who prefer auditory learning.

  6. Educator Tools: For teachers, Khanmigo offers features like standards-aligned lesson planning, the ability to track student progress, and crafted learning objectives. However, access for classroom use is restricted to arrangements through school or district subscriptions.

  7. Safety and Privacy: Aimed at ensuring a safe learning environment, Khanmigo includes safety features like moderation alerts and the ability for parents to view their children's interaction history.

  8. Subscription Based: Access to Khanmigo is subscription-based, with a monthly or annual fee. This fee supports Khan Academy’s mission as a nonprofit to make education accessible.

Compatible with the following interoperability frameworks or products:
CLEVER Single Sign On (SSO)

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