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How to write the CSV

  1. The CSV file must include the headers found in the template file
    Column 1 - "group_name" - name of the group (must be unique per school, e.g. course/section ID)
    Column 2 - "school_natural_id" - the school identifier (must match identifier used in ART)
    Column 3 - "school_year" - four-digit school year (2020 represents 2019-20 school year)
    Column 4 - "subject_code" - ELA, MATH, or ALL
    Column 5 - "student_ssid" - students 10 digit ssid number
    Column 6 - "group_user_login" - user email address used to access the reporting system
  2. Every row must include a valid school_natural_idschool_year, and group_name.
  3. Groups for a particular school must be listed together and must not be separated by lists of groups for other schools.
  4. Groups must be listed together and not separated by rows of other groups.
  5. A group's subject must be listed as ALL or a valid subject code, e.g. MATHELA.
  6. There is a limit of 200 students that may be assigned to a single group.
  7. A user must have the GROUP_ADMIN role for a school in order to upload groups.

In addition to the column title requirements above, the following validation rules are applied to determine whether or not a file will be accepted:

  • The input file must be in CSV format

  • Each row must contain valid values for school_natural_idschool_year, and group_name

  • Groups for a school must be listed together, and must not be separated by lists of groups for

    other schools; a group is defined by the combination of school, school year, and group name

  • The administrator attempting to upload groups must have the GROUP_ADMIN role for the school

    associated with those groups

  • No more than 200 students may be assigned to a single student group