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We surveyed 105 individuals who work with CALPADS in 2018.  Below is the incredibly diverse list of job titles of those individuals:

Accountant I
Accounting Technician
Admin Assistant Ed Services
Admin Asst Student Services
Admin Asst to Superintendent
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant II
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
Administrative Assistant, Ed Services
Administrative Clerk
Attendance Accounting Technician
CALPADS Coordinator
CALPADS Technician
CALPADS/Data Technician
Calpads/SIS data analyst
CALPADS/SIS Specialist
Coordinator of Data and Analytics
Coordinator, Student Information
Data and Support Analyst
Data Coordinator
Data Coordinator
Data Management Analyst
Data Quality Technician
Data Specialist
Data Specialist
Data Systems Analyst
Data Systems Analyst
Data Systems Coordinator
Data Systems Specialist
Data Systems Support Specialist
Data Technician
Database Administrator
Database Administrator
Database Analyst
Database Analyst/Technology Services
Database Coordinator
Database Programmer / Analyst
Database Specialist
Director of Personnel Services
Director of Site Operations
Director of Technology
District Data Coordinator
District Data Technician
Educational Data Analyst
Executive Assistant/Data Base Administrator
Head Registrar
Information Services Supervisor
Information Specialist
Information Systems Administrator
Information Systems Analyst
Information Systems and Student Data Coordinator
Information Systems Data Specialist
Information Systems Data Specialist
Information Systems Specialist
Information Systems Specialist 1
Information Systems Support Specialist
Information Systems Technician
Information Tech
Information Technology Specialist
IT Analyst II
IT Applications Analyst / CALPADS / AERIES Spec.
Lead District Student Info. & Assessment Specialist
Manager, Computer Applications
Network Specialist
Project Specialist
Records Clerk/Media Clerk
Research Assistant
SIS Administrator
SIS Coordinator
SIS Tech
SIS/DB Specialist
Special Projects Secretary
Sr. Programmer Analyst
Stu Info Systems Coordinator
Student Assessment & Data Specialist
Student Data and Information Specialist
Student Data Coordinator
Student Data Coordinator
Student Data Support Analyst
Student Data Systems Coordinator
student data systems manager
Student Information Specialist/Database Analyst
Student Information Systems & Assessment Specialist
Student Information Systems Manager
Student Information Technician
Student Services Coordinator/CALPADS Data Tech
Superintendent Administrative Assistant/Calpads Admin
System Analyst 2
Systems Support Specialist
Tech Supervisor MIS
Technical Support Specialist III
Technology Specialist
Technology Support & Data Compliance Technician


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